"Kur pelīte tu tecēji" on real C64

Kur pelīte tu tecēji

"Kur pelīte tu tecēji?" is a Latvian folk song about a little mouse.

Download it for Commodore64

Also you will need an emulator VICE

Just drag and drop kptt.p00 onto x64 in emulator directory.

Censored by the order of the King
candy king

Title screen of my game for

open source

Fixed MOONCHILD image to boot natively. Gunzip it and write it on USB stick by using dd utility. You can just boot it on regular computer. It is better to use it that way, because if your emulator is slow (qemu without kvm for instance) then internal virtual machines will not start by the time you are supposed to use them in game.


That awkward previous post of mine. It is a text adventure in virtual machine. Why is it in virtual machine? Because it runs few smaller virtual machines within, that act as full blown LINUX computers within game world that you can get access to. Person who is able to run commands in UNIX shell should be able to beat this game. Although a true hacker should be able to root into master virtual machine hosting the game and inject arbitrary code into running game thus changing course of events in game and achieving the true ending. Mounting game image is cheating.

gunzip moonchild.img.gz
qemu-system-i386 -m 256 -enable-kvm moonchild.img